Cuspal and Cuspal Interlinks

Cuspal is the beginning point of each house.

The zodiac house division consists of 12 houses and the Aries sign is considered as the first house and moreover each house is divided equally into 30°.  In the horoscope, the first house is the one where Lagna falls, usually the starting or mid point of that house is consider as cuspal beginning and the subsequent cuspal points are derived by adding 30°. However in stellar astrology, cuspal beginning point is the consider as the Lagna point and further divisions is done according to Placidus House Division house division. Each division i.e. house is termed as Bhavas. The bhavas are being divided based on the concept of long (32°) and short (28°) ascension periods as per Placidus. Hence the formation of bhavas do not maintain its uniform distribution and vary throughout in its longitudinal positions.

Each cuspal point can be represented as {Sign Lord – Star Lord – Sub Lord – Sub-Sub Lord}. For example, the cuspal point 140° 18′ 11” falls in Leo sign so it can be represented as {Sun – Venus – Jupiter – Jupiter}. Suppose the star lord for certain bhavas or cuspal points are same then it is considered as connected known as Cuspal Interlinks. In stellar astrology, the sub lord cuspal interlinks is given more importance.

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