StellarAstrology app in its new look now

Now, the StellarAstrology app has a new look with an enhanced user interface and better compatibility with mobile devices.

StellarAstrology app new UI

Following are the major enhancements:

  • Google map based location search
  • Star(pada) information for the planets and bhavas
  • Better cuspal links information derivation
  • Other performance improvements

Check out the new app:

Please provide your suggestions and feedback on the new look

Horoscope Sharing

Stellar Astrology webapp supports easy sharing of the horoscopes via URLs like{horoscopeId}

Eg: Share the Rajinikanth’s horoscope as

Invoking or clicking the sharing url will directly opens the horoscope in the stellar astrology web application.

Each horoscope is identified by an unique identifier. The uniqueness of the horoscope is identified based on the name, birth time (date, time, timezone offset) and birth location (latitude and longitude). If any of these information changes then a different horoscope identifier is assigned.